5 Top Tips on preparing your child for their next school trip

Tuesday 1st October 2019

Does your child have a trip to London, France, a trip to a new Museum on the horizon? The exciting day when your child comes home with a big smile on their face has arrived. They have some news that their next school trip has been announced. Where do you start with helping them plan for their exciting trip?

1) Plan Ahead

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How about checking if it is a day trip to a museum, an overnight stay such as a camping trip or a longer trip such as a class geography trip abroad? There is likely to be permission slips, medical information, and emergency procedures to be filled in in advance and mentions about any additional costs.

2) Anything new to order?

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How about creating a checklist of items for your child’s school trip? This will help with planning ahead for a shopping trip. It could be that the children need a t-shirt or hoody as part of their trip if they are going to be part of a much larger group. If you are looking for inspiration for hoodies take a look on the Price and Buckland website.

3) A chance to learn and explore

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This could be a great opportunity for learning outside of the classroom for your child and their classmates. They can pick up fresh new ideas about a subject which could be geography, history or art. They may want to take photos from their trip as a symbol of what they have learnt, and they may want help with writing up their trip findings. Here are a few further benefits of school trips.

4) The school trip day has arrived

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Everything is now all set ready for the trip and you have a plan of meeting places and pick up times. There could be a last-minute check around the house to ensure everything is packed ready for your child’s trip. On route to school is a good opportunity for any last-minute questions before unpacking the car for the school trip.

5) After the School Trip

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This is a great opportunity to find out what your child most enjoyed about their trip and what they learned from it. You might hear that they found out something new about history or geography or they made a new friend in their friendship circle. Your child may have also learned new things from their teacher to encourage them to ask more questions in class in the future. They could have a homework project to create a collage from their experiences from the trip, creating a chance for you to find out more about their favourite parts of the trip.