Our top tips on getting your kids ready for School before September

Thursday 22nd August 2019

It can be mad rush to get everything sorted before the kids go back to School. Are you trying to plan ahead before time runs away and the kids go back? Are you juggling lots of different activities as a parent to make sure everything gets sorted out? Here are 5 top tips on getting your kids fully prepared for the start of the school term.

1) Preparing for Bed Time

Prepare Them For The School Day Homework

The school day is made up of lots of different learning sessions and activities for kids. This makes it crucial that the kids have a bedtime routine that stays the same. Starting from when everyone arrives home, through to having tea, completing homework, bathtime and other activities before bedtime stories and lights off for bedtime. As a parent you want to make sure the school uniform is ready for the next morning and pre-plan as much as you can before the morning rush. As soon as the morning comes managing the breakfast routine and school uniform before brushing teeth and making sure everything is correct with school uniform and school bags are at the ready. Then everyone is set for the car journey to school.

2) Get their minds active ready for learning

Get Their Minds Active Ready For Learning

When it comes to learning you want your kids to be as enthusiastic as possible. Hone in on the ways in which they like to learn. They might be a visual learner, aural, verbal, physical, logical, social, solitary learner? This will help you to maximise their potential as a parent. Do they have a favourite book or magazine or podcast they love to read or listen to? Encourage them to read it to you. Prepare them for the different subjects they will be studying and get their mind thinking about how they can excel at each different subject and achieve their potential.

3) Prepare them for the daily school routine

Prepare Them For The Daily School Routine2

Ensure they have a fresh start for the school day to maximise on their learning starting from the night before they go to school. Get them ready with their favourite snacks to take and encourage them to take a healthy fruit or snack option. Answer their pre-school questions before they start back. They will then be fully ready to start back.

4) Get them active and sport ready

Get Them Activity And Sport Ready

Your kids may have a favourite sport or interest they want to progress with at the start of the new term. It could be hockey, rugby, football, tennis, netball they want to pursue. It also might be that they want to become better in their PE lessons. Are they interested in music? They may want to learn how to bake or they may want to get involved in a new activity driven by technology for example. They could ask their teachers for a complete overview of all the activities available so they can choose which one they would like to go for.

5) Prepare them for seeing their friends again

Prepare Them For Seeing Their Friends Again

Starting from the beginning of the school day in the playground and whilst in the classroom your kids spend a lot of time with their friends. There are also many opportunities to make new friends at school and build up their friendship circle. Prepare them for meeting their friends again if they haven’t seen them for a couple of weeks or so. It is also a great time to build up relationships with their teachers and ask questions when they need to about their subjects or anything else school related.

6) Get your kids school kit sorted

Getting Your Kids School Kit Ready Secondary

Are there any uniform items your kids need for the new term? They may want to stock up on their stationary, notebooks, pens and highlighters. If they are looking to update their uniform this is where Price and Buckland can help you ranging from; from cardigans to jumpers, skirts and trousers to sports clothing. Browse the website to find out more.