Top 5 destinations in Europe for school trips

Monday 4th September 2017

School trips are a great way to bring the classroom and subject to life.

To be able to see the historical battlefields, or practice language with a native can engage students and inspire them to learn more and be more passionate about the subject. With so many destinations to chose from, and so easily accessible there's never been a better time to book a school trip. We've listed our top 5 school trip destinations in Europe as a starting point.

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What could be a better opportunity to get your students practicing their Spanish than an immersive trip to Barcelona. Not only is it a great chance to go full Spanish, Barcelona also offers a great range of iconic heritage sites including Gaudi's Sagrada Familia, Nou Camp football stadium and the hustle and bustle of the famous Las Ramblas. Challenge and inspire your students through a culture overload experience, and get them to fall in love with language through the heart of Barcelona.

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Full to the brim of culture and art, Amsterdam is the hub to visit to engage your students love for art and design. Check out the classics such as the Van Gough Museum, home to the largest collection of his work in the world, and the Rijksmuseum, which houses Rembrandt, Vermeers and other Golden Age treasures. In contrast, Amsterdam is also home to the Stedelijk Museum of Design, and the Electric Ladyland Museum which is solely dedicated to fluorescent art, and the only museum of its kind in the world.

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Situated at the foot of Mount Blanc and with good snow conditions all through the season, Chamonix is a truly special destination for your school ski trip. Unlike many other ski resorts, Chamonix offers experiences away from the slopes with excursions to Augille du Midi to see the peaks of Mount Blanc, and Mer du Glace where students can learn about the famous glacier. But best of all it offers students the chance to ski until they drop, relax in the local towns and soak up the Eastern French atmosphere.

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If it was good enough for famous geologist Charles Lyell, then it's a great destinations for a geography school trip. The Bay of Naples offers the opportunity for your students to immerse themselves in both human and physical geography. From coastal landforms, tectonic plates and volcanoes, to the effects of tourism, farming and hazard management, Naples has plenty of multi-topic visits up it's sleeve. Topics & themes:

  • Tourism Hazard management Industry Cultural diversity Farming Coasts Tectonic processes Environmental change
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The perfect destination for any budding historian, Berlin is a city steeped in history and culture. With the options to visit a concentration camp, experience life in Cold War Germany, or take a tour of the political structures that housed Nazi ideology in the Second World War, Berlin will bring history to life for your students. A trip to this vast city will help develop and deepen your students understanding of the political, social and economic struggles and conflicts Germany has experienced in it's varied history.

Topics & themes:

  • The Weimar Republic
  • The rise of National Socialism Life under the Nazi regime Nazi economic policy
  • The Nazi dictatorship and the Holocaust Cold War crises Life under Communism
  • The collapse of Communism The fall of the Berlin Wall

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