Technology in the classroom

Friday 27th October 2017

Benefits Of Technology In The Classroom

Technology is constantly changing and thus as a result, we must adapt and evolve the way that we do things. We have come a long way from using cassette tapes and floppy disks but it has been in such a short time.

If you have a computer or a cell phone that is more than five years old, the manufacturers probably dont make accessories or have support for it anymore. Technology is a wonderful thing but many fall into the trap of thinking technology will do everything for us. With that in mind weve put together a hot list of the latest tools that can aid you/ students in the classroom


After seeing other students struggle in several classes, and hearing them constantly ask to borrow other students' notes, Matousek created a solution that would help classmates by providing additional, student-created study resources.

Flashnotes can also be a way for students to make extra money during their school/college/ university years. Students interested in sharing their notes must create an account with the site. Then, they can upload as many notes as they want, and set their own price for each set of notes. The rating system allows the best note takers to get more business and the general pool of knowledge expands as students continue to share their work with one another.

If the notes are sold, the student keeps 70% of the price of the notes, while Flashnotes keeps the other 30%. Once the notes have been uploaded to the site, other students with an account can browse through all of the notes available at their school, narrow the search by course number or subject, or even search through all of the notes available from students at other colleges and universities throughout the country.

Flipped classroom

This teaching model is using technology to change the way instructors teach. Rather than spending the class time lecturing the students, the lectures are delivered to the students in video format for them to watch at home (or in school/college/university).

Then, the classroom time is set aside for 1 on 1 help, discussion, and interaction based on the lecture homework.

You can easily record whatever is on your screen and videos can be viewed from anywhere. You can host your own videos, allowing you control over who can view them. You will also be able to see who has viewed them and as this is cloud based everything is stored safely.


Designed specifically for younger students; Kid Blog provides a safe opportunity for children to start up their own blog connected to the classroom.

Teachers can help students design a blog around a science project, a history lesson, or an entire years worth of school progress. The students get the benefit of other students and parents commenting on their work- a great motivation for hesitant writers. Kid Blog makes it easy to keep the child and content secure from the dangers of the Internet.


Gone are the days of laboring over a diorama made from a shoebox or wrestling with markers on a poster board. When it is report time, students can use Glogster to creatively display their research.

Glogster allows students to collage pictures, text, video, and custom graphics to create a visually appealing presentation for their latest project. The Glogs are easy to make and share!

Live Binders

Those handy three ring binders are now digital. Live binder in an online digital binder for organising your resources, allowing you to look professional, feel organised and make an impact. Using the same idea as pinning and bookmarking, the binder allows educators to collect and organize resources for lesson plans.

The Live Binder can also work for students who are amassing resources for a big project. You can also browse other binders and share your own.

We hope you can utilize some of these tools and when it comes to uniform remember we are only a phone call away to discuss your requirements. Find out more about Price & Buckland here.