School Memories

Thursday 2nd August 2018

School, a place with the greatest friends, food and experiences. We all have our own memories, but I bet you never realised how similar all of our British school experiences were.

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From wet break time to those delicious corn-flake tarts we take a look back to some of our favourite memories from school.

  • Wet Break time- It’s raining which means the Lego comes out, comics are flying around, you’ve crossed over to the other side of the classroom and you have no idea what surprise activities are in store.
  • Dance routines- Chuck on your favourite Britney Spears hit, round up the troops and away you go. Plenty of practice for the big reveal in the school assembly.
  • Sweet treats- Corn-flake tarts, chocolate sponge with pink custard and Iced Buns with sprinkles still make the mouth water.
  • Biff, Chip and Kipper books
  • Shoes off for Drama- Why was it that we had to take our shoes off for Drama?
  • Leavers T-Shirts- When the final day of school arrives it’s a must to get all your favourites to scribble all over your T- Shirt.