News: Boys swap trousers for skirts in scorching heat

Monday 3rd July 2017


During the hottest June since 1976, the effects of the exceptional heat made their way into schools across the country. Lessons outside, soaking up the sun at lunch time, a slight change to the school dress code. But not the change you would expect. An estimated 30 male students arrived for lessons and a day of learning in fetching tartan skirts.

Yep, you read it right, male students swapped their long length trousers for tartan skirts to get some relief from the soaring temperatures after they were told it was against school policy to wear shorts. Following complaints to the headteacher that boys felt it was unfair female students and staff were able to wear skirts and bare legs, the boys took the perhaps sarcastic comment of 'boys are free to wear skirts too if they chose' quite literally.

The revolution started with roughly 5 or 6 students after temperatures hit 30C plus on Wednesday. The count then jumped to around 30 students on Thursday even though temperatures had gone down to a more relaxed and manageable 20C. Many boys commented on how 'refreshing' the experience had been, with others saying how much they had 'enjoyed the nice breeze'.

The school addressed the revolution by explaining 'they recognised the last few days had been exceptionally hot' and had been doing their utmost best to ensure 'staff and students remained as comfortable as possible'. Parents expressed their pride for the boys and the school has since said it will review it's uniform policy regarding hot weather during the summer months.

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