How to support your child with subjects they find most difficult

Wednesday 18th September 2019

Are you looking for ways to give your child confidence with subjects they are finding tougher? They might be excelling at English but struggling with maths or finding science particularly difficult? There are different ways you can help them to stop them panicking with subjects they find difficult and help them to succeed. Here are some steps you could take to support your child.

1) Additional homework exercises to encourage progress

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One of the best ways to help your children conquer their fears with a subject they are finding difficult is to encourage them to keep working at it and practice further. You could suggest they have a chat with their teacher if there is a particular subject they are worried about. Their teacher can help them find ways to improve. One support technique is for them to practice additional homework exercises. This may involve a planned sequence of exercise to help them gain more confidence and become stronger about a particular subject area. There are revision books, notecards and sticky note packs available to buy. Your child could then colour code their learning or create a series of images to help them become more familiar with that subject.

2) Asking your child’s teacher for further support

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If you are concerned about your child’s progress in a particular subject, you can also talk to their teacher to ask what additional support can be given. The teacher may be able to support with extra lessons within a smaller group or individual extra lessons. Tackling the areas that they find most difficult will help to ensure they get the right answer and improve the number of good marks they achieve and ultimately achieve higher grades in exams.

3) Begin to see your child’s grades improve

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Extra effort put in by your child each week will help them to improve and succeed at subjects they find difficult. Spending more time with them whilst they practice different exercises will help them to get to the correct answers or help them to connect their ideas together much more clearly. How about creating mini tests so you can see how they are improving each week? You will then start to see how your child’s grades are improving.

4) An after school surprise treat

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It is a great feeling when you start to see your child’s grades improving and their confidence grow in a particular subject area. A great way to mark their achievement is to give them a surprise treat. You could take them to have one of their favourite cakes or take them out for a meal at one of their favourite restaurants after school one night.