Get Your Kids Back Into Work Mode

Friday 31st August 2018

Fresh new uniform and smart new shoes have been bought and summer holiday tans are already fading, signs that can point only to one thing –it’s time to go back to school. But stresses and strains at the start of a new academic year can be just as overwhelming for parents as for children. We’ve had a super busy summer here at Price & Buckland processing over 68,000 orders and packaging over 236,000 garments. We hope you’ve had a fantastic summer and wanted to share our favourite top tips from parents alike about kick starting the new school year:

Reconnecting with a healthy lifestyle

During holidays, children may have often been allowed to sleep late and eat a little of what they wanted at any time. The first thing to do is to help yourself make a smooth start and not to wait until the last day to get them back into a routine. Try getting them used to having regular and reasonable hours of sleep.

Find your way to your new school

It can be a pretty daunting thought walking to school if this is a new task. Helping them to work out the best way from your home to the new school alone will help and discussing other classmates that they might like to the do the trip with could also do the trick.

Set Goals

It’s been a long summer and sometimes it’s hard to remember what you had for last night’s tea. Remembering what you did at school before all those fun experiences over the summer can be tricky. Talk through their subjects and ask them to recall what they last learnt. This can help refocus and motivate them, putting them in the right frame of mind before they enter the classroom.

Embrace Hobbies

The thought of going back to school and not spending your days doing fun activities doesn’t sound very exciting. Looking at what is on offer for your child at school as well as compulsory subjects could help them to get more enthused about heading back into the classroom. Discuss what they might like to do - whether it is dance, sport, art or learning to play an instrument.

Liven up their lunch boxes

Biscuits and crisps maybe the favourite choices but here are some sugar-slump-free suggestions:

  • Ditch the crisps and give children veggie sticks instead
  • Use different types of bread to give kids variety – pitta, wraps, bagels, chapatti’s or toast fingers with a dip
  • Try a personalised fruit yogurt combo. Swirl up some different fruits into plain yogurt for a tasty portion of dairy without the added sugar of shop-bought kids’ brands.

Get hints and tips on what their lunchbox should contain as well as lots of easy-to-prepare ideas your children will love from the Change4life website.

We hope you all have a super start to the new school year and don't forget our handy parents area has plenty of advice including sizing help, garment care and much more.